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Putting Feet To Our Faith
Feet To Faith Banner

Dear Friends:

In the Kingdom Running Club we work to make our race miles count by running for charities. 

We have used our race miles for Crop Hunger, Project Eden, Master Touch Ministry, Living Word Christian Center’s mission’s and Save the Seed Ministry.  

Our desire is “Put Feet To Our Faith” and  make our race miles count in a  big way by helping to feed starving children, helping those without homes and in need of shelter and helping to eradicate poverty around the world. 

We want to be a part of making a difference. 

Please join us by pledging every race mile we run.

Together we can make a difference by working with note the worthy organizations we have listed.

Our goal is to cross the finish line and use our race miles to help those in need.

Your donation will help improve living conditions for children and families living in poverty.

Please sponsor our cause; every mile gets us closer to ending world poverty!!

Please send your donation to the attention Kingdom Running Cub at 7600 W. Roosevlet Road, Forest Park IL 60130. Any amount you give is greatly appreciated.

The knowledge that you share our commitment to this important cause will keep us going, and you will be in our hearts and prayers as we cross the finish line.

Thank you!!

Sharon Stewart
Ministry Director Kingdom Running Club

Your donation is 100% is tax deductible.