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Greetings and blessings,

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this running club such a great blessing in my life.  I casually went into this and was challenged to become a runner.  To my great surprise, I was able to do this.  I was able to make progress throughout the entire program and thoroughly enjoyed the health benefits I have reaped.  This was my first experience in running and it was great.

Relentless Rick, Courageous Calvin, and Supernatural Sharon aren’t a team of superheroes. At least not officially. But as leaders of the faith-based Kingdom Running Club (KRC), they do empower people to build strength—physical and spiritual—through distance racing.

When newbies join KRC, they choose an alliterative adjective describing a trait they aspire to embody. They also pick a motivating Bible verse. “The idea is to give you something to hold you up throughout a race,” says (Supernatural) Sharon Stewart, the club’s director.

This is a testimony to all that has happened and how the Lord used the running club to get me through. 
In March a routine check up my blood sugar was 400. This was unexpected and alarming. I was immediately put on insulin and metformin. I was told this was from Covid that I had. I have never been ill so this was a challenge. ( Many things come out of Covid (damage to the pancreas) that often is undetected.) Then my back was injured, so I was in double trouble. I had two disc injuries and it was very painful. I could not walk for 3 days. I started to go to a chiropractor. 

The teachings in the running club kept my mind in the right direction. I kept my mind on Jesus. I worshipped and gave Him praise.

The impetus for my journey began on March 11th, 2001.  It was on this date that I lost my younger sister, Andrea at the young and tender age of 25 to complications from a gastric bypass.  In 1991, I weighed 238 pounds after completing a successful college football career, but by 2003, I had permitted my weight to exceed 420 lbs.  Years later in 2009 while residing in Georgia, I heard about a health ministry under Living Word Christian Center.  I asked God to relocate me to Chicago, so that I could sit under Dr. Bill Winston and attend Living Word Christian Center

Later in 2013, I had been living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for a couple of years, and was under Pastors Ray and Tracey Barnard of Impacting Your World Christian Center.  Drs. Bill and Veronica Winstonare their shepherds, and I learned about for the first time the Law of Confession.  I created multiple confessions in February of 2013, and one was related to health transformation.  I confessed daily 3 John 1:2, and that I was a fulfilled vegan running 5Ks, half and full marathons.

I run….

My mom Eunice Rivera who died @ 46 of a heart attack

My brother Bruce Hall who died @ 52 of stroke complications

My former mother in law Earlene Sanders who died of cancer